Accessible via a brick path to the east of the Guest Pavilion, the Equine Facility is located on the lower terrace of Villa Sawah Lebak. The towering grove of lush bamboo beside the gurgling stream provides shade and privacy for guests using this area of the Villa Grounds.

The primary Equine facility consists of three large stables within a roofed enclosure at the north end of the training paddock. These pleasant spaces consist of one area to accommodate the horses, a secondary, air-conditioned room for storing saddles and other equine equipment, as well as a tertiary space to store feed for the animals.

The Horse Training Paddock and Stables at Villa Sawah Lebak
The Horse Training Paddock and Stables at Villa Sawah Lebak

The Training Paddock

Adjacent to the stable area is the large, forty-meter by twenty-meter equine Training Paddock. Fully enclosed with a one-and-a-half meter retaining wall, the Training Paddock is finished with local soil topped with sand for the safety of the animals. The training area is sufficiently spacious for an enormous range of equine activities, and the typically cooler air of the lower terrace allows for comfortable equestrian exercises during the day.

If desired, the Training Paddock area can also be converted into a tennis court.

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Architectural drawings of the Villa Sawah Lebak grounds in Bali