Aquatic Fitness & Relaxation

Built as the centerpiece of the Villa Sawah Lebak Bali grounds, the 25-meter, half-Olympic swimming pool serves as both a fitness and relaxation area for residents and guests.

Perfect for a morning session of laps, the pool is marked with four lanes for competitive swimmers. For the owners of Villa Sawah Lebak, the Bali sunrise is the perfect time to take a swim – a magical mist rising from the water as the first beams of morning sun shine though the tall bamboo grove to the east. The water sparkles with perfect clarity, filtered by a state-of-the-art Mineral Pure Ionizing pool filter which uses no chlorine.

The aquatic fitness center at Villa Sawah Lebak
The aquatic fitness center at Villa Sawah Lebak

The entire pool is finished with emerald-green tiles of Javanese stone, assembled in a variegated pattern that creates a beautiful background for the shimmering water and accents the simple natural beauty of water and stone. The pool is built in a Bali resort-style infinity design, with the edges of the coping creating a cascade of water over the edge of the pool, flowing down a wall of textured andesite stone and onto a floor of rounded river stones before being filtered and recycled again to the pool.

The pool area also features an array of chaise lounge and daybeds – perfect for curling up with a book or an afternoon nap lulled to sleep by the rippling pool water cascading across the stones.

Pilates & Yoga

Designed as an all-inclusive escape from the bustle and crowds of daily life, Villa Sawah Lebak Bali features an in-house Pilates & Yoga studio for the use of residents and guests – no need to venture outside to stay in shape. This is the perfect location for a Bali yoga or wellness retreat.  

The Pilates & Yoga fitness room at Villa Sawah Lebak
The Pilates & Yoga fitness room at Villa Sawah Lebak Bali 

Located just inside the spacious Pool Pavilion, the Pilates & Yoga studio is four by six meter room finished with parquette wood flooring and bathed in natural light via the large sliding glass door at the entrance.

The Pilates & Yoga studio is equipped with a range of yoga / pilates mats, as well as exercise balls and freeweights to create a nearly infinite number of exercises. Bali yoga retreat guests will love this private space. 

Residents and guests can choose to design their own Pilates or Yoga routine, or even opt to work with one of the many instructors who have been drawn to Bali’s yoga and fitness culture. 

Gym & Fitness Training

Also located within the Pool Pavilion, this private Bali Gym & Fitness training room boasts a full fifty square meters of floor space, creating plenty of room for the selection fitness equipment included in the in-house facilities of Villa Sawah Lebak Bali.

The Gym & Fitness Center of Villa Sawah Lebak
The Gym & Fitness Center of Villa Sawah Lebak

The private Bali  Gym & Fitness training room is the perfect place to start the day with an invigorating workout – the morning sunrise streaming through the leaves of the lush jungle just outside the sliding glass doors. This exercise area of Villa Sawah Lebak Bali features a variety of machines, as well as weight training equipment to design your full body workout.

Residents and guests can also choose to take advantage of the services of one of the many Bali personal fitness trainers from the local and expat Bali community who are available for private sessions for an additional fee.

Horseback Riding

Villa Sawah Lebak Bali is one of the very few bali properties that offers private horse stables and equine facilities.  

The lower terrace of Villa Sawah Lebak Bali has been used to create a wonderful private Bali equine riding and training space, complete with stables for the horses and a large training paddock suitable for a variety of horseback exercises.

Horseback riding & equine center at Villa Sawah Lebak
Horseback riding & equine center at Villa Sawah Lebak

The training paddock is shaded in the morning from the tropical Bali sun by a tall grove of bamboo which lines the pleasant stream running just beside the equine area. Residents and guests often choose to take a Bali sunrise horseback ride through the grounds of Villa Sawah Lebak via one of the manicured paths which wind through the grounds. Beyond the gates of the Villa, cultivated rows of vegetables and crops in an adjacent agricultural terrace leased by the owner creates a relaxing space to feed and care for the horses and enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of Bali.